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Standard Harmonium
Harmonium with Coupler
Scale Changer Harmonium

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The Harmonium is an instrument that is indispensable in India and that is used in the religious field, in classical music, in folklore and for playing within the family. It owes its popularity mainly to its easy handling. The Harmonium can be compared in its functioning to the accordeon. Air is pumped into an enclosed space by means of bellows. With a keyboard it is possible to open specially defined holes, through which the pumped air is then pressed. The reeds attached to the openings (double, triple or quadruple reeds) are set vibrating and so produce the desired note.

TARANG has reduced the big range of Harmoniums from many different manufacturers as the quality of the product line "PALOMA" is so convincing that we decided to mainly go with that models. An exeption is the standmodel of Manoj Kumar Sardar which has an octave coupler.

Many years we offered mainly the folgable harmoniums of different makers as the fact that many clients want to carry their instrument or travel with it made it obvious for us to concentrate on this models. But as this harmoniums are higher in weight and in price and because due to the more of machanical parts more problems can arise we now changed our mind and offer mainly stand models which causes less problems and which are also very good for transportation in connection with the new flexible carry bag from Paloma. As the weight of the harmonium is also less then that of the foldable ones we think that is a good decition to go on. The only foldable Harmonium we have is the scale changer from Paloma. With that instrument we had continnous good experience and we are able to recommend it highly.

Standard model we have from Paloma. This is an excellent instrument in good workmanship and good sound quality.

Compared to the standard model this instrument has higher-value features. Compared to the standard model of the same manufacturer this instrument has substantially better mechanics and quality of workmanship.

This instrument is very well suited for mobile use. The travel model is supplied with a protective flexible carry case to protect it when transported and against dust and scratches. It has much less weight and is smaller then the other instruments, yet it is a high quality Harmonium with full sound range. .

As there is no Paloma harmonium with coupler available, only the more expensive scale changer we offer an instrument from Momoj Kumar Sardar. The possibility of using the coupler enables the player to activate the next lower octave at the same time which results in having up to six reeds resounding simultaneously. So the coupler makes it possible to produce, together with the double or triple reeds, a particularly powerful, voluminous sound.

The scale-changer model is foldable and its special features are a particularly careful workmanship and a harmonious and full sound pattern. The keyboard has 42 keys and so supplies you with a tonal range of 3 1/2 octaves. 5 adjustable drones are possible. Triple or double reeds make sure that every note is provided with three/two reeds (for high, middle and low octave respectively). Three registers with different settings make various timbres possible by blowing the reeds either separately or in any number of combinations. The possibility of using the coupler, which is also available, enables the player to activate the next lower octave at the same time which results in having up to six or eight reeds resounding simultaneously. So the coupler makes it possible to produce, together with the triple reeds, a particularly powerful, voluminous sound.

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Tarang's offer on Indian Musical Instruments

TARANG offers on principle only high-qualtiy musical instruments. This is made possible by close personal contact to the suppliers and a strict selection of the instruments that are included in our range of goods. We do not offer any instruments which reach the west from unknown sources via importers and which are often resold by middlemen without any quality check and setting of the instrument. The demand from the west is relatively high in India. The purchase prices are negotiated to the lowest limit by the western countries, especially for high ordered quantities. This has effects on the required care and circumspection in craftsmanship, on the experience and mentality of the commissioned manufacturer and the use of parts of the instruments that are often of a poor qualtity. Irrespective of the qualification of the skill in craftsmanship, this leads, in some cases, to results that do not deserve the name instrument. Thus it is easily comprehensible that it is essential, when bying an Indian instrument, to know the sources. TARANG only supplies instruments from indisputable sources. All instruments are delivered adjusted and ready to be played.

Of course, we understand that somebody who purchases an instrument is also dependent on accessories and spare parts. Also in this respect we can satisfy the needs of our customers. Should an instrument be defective at any time, we can arrange for appropriate restoration. As a rule we can deliver any instrument offered on our website within 1 - 2 weeks. Our international lists of teachers enable everybody to find information about a teacher in their proximity. You can expect from us: reasonable prices, prompt service and straightforward processing of purchase and delivery.

The financial aspect also has to be mentioned. Despite the high quality we offer, we also do our best to offer you these instruments at very competitive and reasonable prices.


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